Comprehensive international support services

Supported by a network of partners ranging from local to international in scope, Evropa is able to provide a comprehensive set of responses suited to your requirements for establishing a subsidiary / branch in Bulgaria.

Support with creating a registered presence in Bulgaria.

Are you interested in setting up a registered presence - subsidiary or branch - in Bulgaria? Evropa can help you negotiate the different stages required to achieve a local presence:

  • Choice of type of company with consideration of legal and fiscal constraints
  • Drafting of articles of association and agreements in French & Bulgarian
  • Creation of the local company and administrative processes
  • Hosting of the company on our premises if required
  • Establishing relationships with legal and accounting experts

Searching for premises - Hosting companies in Bulgaria

Evropa is able to host your company in Bulgaria as well as identifying potential industrial or commercial (offices) premises in Bulgaria.

With offices in Varna - the country’s second city - we offer a service to legally host companies.

Supported by a network of real estate specialists, Evropa also supports foreign companies in their search for premises, whether these be industrial or commercial. In doing so, Evropa provides support at the various different stages of the search:

  • Drafting a list of specifications for real-estate requirements
  • Identifying and selecting relevant premises through our real estate partners
  • Site visit
  • Support during contractualisation

Recruitment of staff in Bulgaria / Romania

Evropa has a range of partners specialising in recruiting personnel in Bulgaria and Romania, whether this be for temporary or permanent work.

We can support you in defining your requirements, searching for and identifying relevant profiles and later stages from interview through to actual recruitment.

Legal and accounting support              

Evropa provides networks of specialists in legal and accounting affairs.

Processes for setting up companies abroad cause a range of new social, accounting and fiscal complications, with the added difficulty of this all being within a brand new environment: social security payments, issues for invoicing, parent-subsidiary company relations and transfer prices are some of the issues that can cause challenges in an international environment.

 Support from specialists in each area is thus crucial.

In the different countries where Evropa is active, it has a set of suitable qualified partners that can provide clear and precise guidance on each of the abovementioned issues. Our teams will support you in accounting, legal and fiscal issues and do all they can to provide you with the most suitable response.