Consultancy and support for export in Bulgaria and Romania

Evropa, supported by its organisations in France and Bulgaria, can support you in growing export sales in Eastern Europe, more specifically in Romania and Bulgaria, while also helping to grow exports for Romanian and Bulgarian companies in France.

Our team is composed of Romanian and Bulgarian experts based in France and Bulgaria who will support you in developing your export markets.

We work in any kind of market and already have experience in a range of fields: agribusiness, industry, tooling, mass distribution, ship industry & manure…

Fully respecting your needs and requests for confidentiality, our teams will ensure suitable supervision of contractual issues and provide personalised support in the short, medium or long term, in line with your requirements.

Analysis of export opportunity

The first step we take is to gather complete information about your company through our assessment questionnaire. In order to do this, we need to perform a physical or telephone interview so we can identify your company, your needs, the ideal schedule for your export project and any associated challenges.

We then evaluate the export potential for the target area. This consists in measuring the export potential for the products / services offered, performing an opportunity / threat report for the commercial development process, and identifying relevant geographical sectors.

The profitability of the export investment may also be measured.

If this process produces conclusive results, then you can invest wisely and maximise the security of your export investment.  

Selecting export partners

Are you searching for distributors, commercial agents or final clients for your products, and if you are then in which sectors: industry, agribusiness, plastics…, etc. ?

We identify, qualify and select suitable partners that will be able to support and grow your sales in Bulgaria and Romania.

Benefiting from networks and using all local means at our disposal (digital tools, local professional networks & professional chambers…), after an in-depth analysis of the target market and a precise definition of the target sector, we can put you in contact with the distributors / commercial agents / final clients that are best suited to your needs.

We identify the relevant companies, selecting them via telephone or in-person interviews, and then present them with your products and/or services to prepare a shortlist of reliable partners.

We support you for the full duration of negotiations, providing you with our expertise, as well as our material and human resources.

Under the terms of this service, you will be able to develop a close collaboration with informed and suitable partners to support your growth.

Support for your local travel in Bulgaria / Romania

Our team helps you to organise your local travel in Bulgaria / Romania. We define your itinerary from your arrival through until your departure.

We organise your program to meet with potential partners, providing all logistics required, supporting you at meetings and providing translation and - if required - commercial negotiations.

Our team understands cultural aspects that are specific to each country and adjusts its actions as required to best represent your commercial interests.

After the trip, commercial follow-up is performed with the companies encountered so as to maintain any dynamic that developed during your visit.

At the end of your trip, you will be in a position to commence commercial collaboration with your new local partners.

Launch and monitoring of the commercial relationship

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can launch the newly created commercial relationship and then supervise them over the medium or long term.

Our system involves regular telephone or in-person contacts with your partners, facilitating commercial communications and providing associated support: legal, accounting, quality control, etc.…

This system allows us to oversee the growth and sustainability of your turnover locally.

Bespoke export services

All export services that we provide are bespoke. Your requirements are defined during the prior interview and we co-construct a tailored solution that is proportional to your needs.

Our services for supporting export in Eastern Europe can also be limited to either searching for partners or providing long term support, as per your request.

In addition, we have a network of consultants on a European level that we can contact in the case of requirements concerning other areas in Eastern Europe.

For further information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form.