Pre-fabrication and installation of piping and metalwork in the industrial sector

Evropa can put you in contact with and oversee the relationship with piping installation and metalworks subcontractors, specialising in industrial pipe works, manufacturing and installing services networks, and prefabricatng and soldering a range of metalwork items.


They work on construction and refurbishment sites in industrial sectors, the energy sector (such as power plants), public buildings (museums, stations, etc. …), and in agribusiness working on processing plants.


The parts may be pre-fabricated in their workshop in Bulgaria or Romania, on on your site in France, then the piping assembly or metalworks teams come to install them on site.

Evropa-RV, Spécialiste des échanges internationaux Evropa-RV, Spécialiste des échanges internationaux Evropa-RV, Spécialiste des échanges internationaux

Specialists in industrial piping works

Your industrial piping networks may be complicated to pre-fabricate and install. Our industrial sub-contractors are specialised in the production and assembly of systems for all types of industrial piping.


Prefabrication, installation and repair of all types of piping networks

All pipes required for your industrial construction works will be prefabricated by the piping workers. They perform all required welding (136 - 141) for different materials (steel / stainless steel or adhesion using electrofusion for PE) in their workshop and then assemble the parts on your site as per the piping plans.


They also repair pipe networks for refurbishment projects.


Installation of sprinkler fire prevention systems

Our team of industrial pipe workers can install sprinkler fire prevention systems (fixed automatic fire extinguishing system using water mist).

The sprinkler system sprays water on an area that has caught fire and cools down structures while it detects an increase in temperature caused by a fire having started.


All establishments that are open to the public and have a sales floor area of greater than 3,000m² are obliged to fit sprinklers.


Prefabrication and installation of industrial metalworks parts

The sub-contracted metalworkers can prefabricate, solder and install a range of industrial metalworks parts, such as guardrails, stairs, metal structures, protective railings, cable trays and walkways… as required to successfully complete your projects.


Our sub-contractors prefabricate a range of different parts and work on-site for the complete installation of industrial metalwork parts.