Developing relations with Bulgarian and Romanian sub-contractors

Our teams undertake to find the best sub-contractors / suppliers for you.  Using a precise definition of your needs in terms of skills, scope of activity and volumes / workload, we can put you in contact with competent, competitive and experienced companies predominantly coming from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Romania).

Analysis of sub-contracting requirements: a prior requisite for success

A precise definition of your requirements is an essential stage in a targeted and efficient search for sub-contractors.

With this being the case, prior to our collaboration we organise a physical meeting or telephone conference in order to identify the structure of your company and to precisely determine your requirements in terms of:

  • Skills for the service / product definition
  • Scope of activities to be sub-contracted
  • Volumes of supply or of sub-contracting
  • Duration of the collaboration

This then allows us to target companies that are suitable in terms of size, structure and production capacity.

Searching for sub-contractors in Bulgaria / Romania

Our bilingual teams - French / Bulgarian or French / Romanian - do their utmost to select high quality and reliable partners.

To do so, we use our local presence - office in Varna - and our local professional contacts (professional chambers & existing clients…).

We prioritise the selection of stable organisations that are financially and structurally sound, and for whom we have been able to measure the quality of their services. We pay particular attention to the managerial structure of selected partners.

Support during meetings with your sub-contractors

Our French-speaking team undertakes to organise your travel and to support you during meetings with your future partners.

We can plan your travel, and organise logistics on the ground. Our team will take care of you from the moment you arrive. They will ensure that you are provided with translation services when you visit suppliers in Bulgaria and Romania. We also carry out negotiations based on your instructions.

The double culture of our team will permit you to benefit from a deep understanding of the local cultural language and codes - an essential aspect for your discussions to progress well.

After your visits, you should be in a position to engage in well founded commercial relations with the selected partners.

Monitoring the sub-contracting relationship

We provide - via specific contracts - a service to monitor the sub-contracting relationship in the long term, if you deem this to be of benefit.

More specifically, this means monitoring communications or establishing an interface between the order placer and the sub-contractor.

We also undertake to perform regular meetings, either locally in person or via teleconference, to monitor commercial and quality aspects associated with your partnership.

Already supporting Bulgarian and Romanian teams in France with this very same process, our team is well versed in how sub-contracting relationships work in the long term.

This will allow you to benefit from a fruitful and sustainable shared commercial relationship.

New search for sub-contractor

Is your sub-contractor or supplier at fault for any reason? We can find you a replacement!

Our team has« a wealth of »sub-contractors allowing us to offer you with an alternative solution for sourcing in the case of any failing on the part of your current sub-contractor or supplier. To do so, we constantly monitor the sector in order to maintain contacts with other potential partners.

This allows us to guarantee the security and sustainability of your sourcing.