Searching for partners: local responses to your international challenges

A French-Bulgarian company specialising in supporting companies internationally, Evropa has a dynamic team that is ready to meet all your requirements for international sub-contracting (Bulgaria and Romania mainly), but also able to support you in terms of expanding you exports or setting up a local presence.

Specialists in sourcing - sub-contracting in Bulgaria / Romania

With a full 10 years of experience in the shipbuilding and industrial sectors, Evropa can provide you with consultancy and support relating to your import processes (sourcing/sub-contracting)

With a dual presence in the furthest East and West points of the European Union – La Richardais (France) and Varna (Bulgaria – our company is supported by local professional networks that provide us with great reactivity in responding to client requests to provide them with the best possible sourcing solutions.

Evropa’s teams have now gained several years of experience in the specific sectors of sub-contracting for shipbuilding and industry, more specifically working on engineering, prefabrication, assembly and painting. We now have expansive networks of identified qualified sub-contractors that permit us to provide very prompt responses that meet your requirements.


Growing export in Bulgaria / Romania

Evropa can support export for French companies in Bulgaria / Romania.

We have significant experience in multiple areas of activity such as: agribusiness, fertiliser, parapharmaceutic products, DIY stores, etc.…

More generally, our ability to specifically identify your sector, the products and/or services provided and your export objectives allows us to propose local solutions via partnerships with agents, distributors or end clients.

Our working method, as well as our local networks are what guarantees the success of your projects.

Presence & recruitment in Bulgaria / Romania

Our presence in Bulgaria, in the form of our office in Varna, allows us to offer complementary services to provide French companies with their own presence on the ground.

From outlining a local structure and setting up relations with reliable law firms, through to recruiting employees and searching for commercial or industrial premises, we offer comprehensive solutions allowing you to develop a presence on the ground in Bulgaria and Romania.

Supporting Romanian and Bulgarian companies in France.

Evropa has a specific feature in its ability to provide services to support Romanian and Bulgarian companies in France. For several years, we have been helping companies to expand their sales in France in a range of fields: plastic processing, lighting, manufactured metal & welding, industry, shipyards & agribusiness…

This «bi-directional» support allows us to develop more extensive and complex local networks of contacts so we can provide you - if required - with qualified partners without any additional cost.