Producer of ecological fertilizers, soil fertilization - GAIAGO

GAIAGO is a French company created in 2011 and based in Saint-Malo. The company is managed by 5 partners from the biotechnology industrial sector / AG ‘Tech. Since its creation, Gaiago has implemented solutions on all types of soil, tested and validated by numerous researchers, farmers and technical centers, which has enabled them to develop their distribution network.


Active mainly on the French and European organic agricultural market, the company  develops comprehensive soil analyzes, manufactures soil rebalancing products, as well as biostimulants and biocontrol protection products.


The company offers 5 distinct agronomic approaches broken down into 11 innovative products used in the agricultural sector:

1 Soil physics and health

2 Natural seed protection

3 Root Nutrition

4 Foliar Nutrition

5 Crop protection


In 2018, Gaiago, accompanied by Evropa RV, wishes to develop its commercial activity in Eastern Europe - Bulgaria and Romania. To date, the French company got in touch with several potential Bulgarian and Romanian agricultural distributors.


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