TECHNOSVET – Services sector - Technical lighting

Technosvet is a bulgarian company built in 1995 at Stara-Zagora.

Activating in the services sector, the main activities of the company are the production and design of lighting equipment, the production and repair of lighting devices and lighting installations, the national and international trade of lighting equipment.


The Bulgarian company is a distributor and producer of technical lighting which has established itself as a major player on the European market. Since its first years of activity, Technosvet has developed his activity at an international level (Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, etc.), proving the technical quality and reliability of its products.

With a human-sized team of 85 people and a production capacity of 100,000 products / year, the Bulgarian company has specialized over the past 15 years in the field of electrical engineering.


Today, Technosvet manages all its production and commercial processes for technical lighting.

Technosvet has taken full advantage of its technical skills, as it does not use any subcontractors, which allows it to maintain and guarantee the high quality of its products. The materials used are 100% European.


Since 2014, Technosvet, supported by the teams of Evropa Rv, has been exporting its products to France. Currently, the company is developing commercial LED-oriented projects in the north of the country.


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